Things About Knee Replacement Operations You Need To Know

Knee replacement surgery is a medical procedure performed by replacing a damaged knee joint with an artificial knee (prosthetic) joint. The goal is to relieve pain and restore the function of the knee joint, so that patients can still use their knees as usual. The knee joint can suffer damage due to injury or inflammation (arthritis), which can prevent patients from carrying out daily activities. A broken knee joint will cause knee pain when on the move, such as walking, climbing stairs, sitting or lying down. Before undergoing knee replacement surgery, the patient will first undergo non-surgical treatment. The treatment can be in the form of medication or providing a buffer to help patients move using their knees. If the non-surgical treatment method is no longer effective in relieving pain and alleviating complaints, the patient can undergo knee replacement surgery. The doctor will inform patients when they can undergo this procedure. The patient's knee joint that has been d
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